Only Shallow People Will Fail This Quiz

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that our culture is getting more and more superficial. Although people have always been self-centered with their own lives, the rise of the rise of reality TV and social media have really ignited this fire around a decade ago and it’s like we’ve been at an all-time low since the advent of Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

While we aren’t able to take any action to stop the expansion of the Internet however, we can put an end to admiring celebrities that come off as being extremely smug. While many famous reality stars will immediately be in your our minds, there are many performers and actors who constantly seem to appear shallow and self-centered.

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The only way we’ll ever be able to make a difference regarding this issue is to first acknowledge our own insular tendencies that we engage in each day. You might not be thinking about looking yourself in the mirror on your camera phone’s front view. If you spot someone in public that is taking selfies in a blatant manner after another, you could start to realize the amount of time that you look at yourself.

Let’s take a closer review of your routine, as well as your other activities to see whether you’re like some of the sexist reality TV stars.