Only True Fans Can Name 100% Of These Famous Actors

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Every film, no matter how long or short, memorable or boring are based on the same ingredient an ensemble of actors who make them come to life. It has produced hundreds of films since its inception as early as “Gone with the Wind,” “Sunset Boulevard,” “A Street Car Named Desire,” “Psycho,” the time in which “A galaxy far, far, away,” was an instant hit,” to the current trend in the superhero anthologies, horror film franchises, and coming-of age film adaptations; all films are made possible due to the actors and actresses who dedicate their whole lives to their story.

Certain of them are selective, with a focus on a couple of specific genres. Others accept any task that they are offered. Certain are featured in every tabloid, while others are well-known only through their films, which is every year around once at the most, and some are only famous because they’re featured in a major motion film each year. For fans of movies they are a perfect match to the films they are in.

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Are you an expert critic of filmmaking. Do you watch all the credits following each film? Do you have a knack for remembering names? If yes, try this test to test your ability to accurately identify the actors and actresses listed!