Pick The Hotter Celeb And We’ll Tell You If You’ve Got Game!

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There is no doubt the way we view an individual to be beautiful or unattractive is subjective, to an degree. But, in a larger sense, it’s evident that certain types of looks or physical features are appealing to our senses in comparison to others.

One of the most famous examples of this phenomenon is known as the golden ratio that has been widely used in the field of architecture for centuries, however, it also works for the human body and face. Golden ratio refers to a ratio that is derived from the distance between two points that has been known to be most appealing in the eye of the person. Of course, there are plenty of other elements other than the symmetry that affect how attractive someone is to others, such as the shade of their lips, their skin eyes, hair as well as their hairstyle, smile, facial expressions, and their aura or appearance.

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Although beauty can be subject to interpretation however, it is the influence of consensus that is still able to reveal which stars are considered to be attractive in comparison to others. We’ve used a consensus of opinion to create our test on that of the year 2016. Askmen Crush List, which asked its users to name whom their favorite celebrities are. Two random celebs on the list against one to determine who is the best The winner will be determined by the one who is ranked the highest on the list. It’s your job to tell us which celebrity you think is the hotter. Take the test!