Pick The Steamier Anime Girl To Find Out If You’re Going To Hell

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Find out if your name will be taken to Anime Hell which is the place in which all fans of anime may someday end up. Would you consider it a good place to be in? That’s left to your imagination. It could be the only place you’ll finally find the greatest satisfaction. Truthfully, Anime Heaven sounds a bit more appealing. What are your habits with anime leading you? Find out what trouble your innocent anime crushes can actually lead you to.

Have you ever thought of becoming the main protagonist of an anime about harems, with hot women around you? Have you ever considered the pleasure it would bring to have the option of many beautiful females? Select from 69 hot and stunning images and discover where you will get to. Similar to the dating simulator There is many different endings, but only one will give you the most satisfying. Do you have the ability to make it to Anime Heaven, or are you likely to end up in Anime Hell? Check out your friends and discover how they are in the sea of beautiful anime girls.

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What anime have you watched? Try to identify the 69 characters, and what series or video games they are from. Which girl from anime has the most gorgeous body?