Pick Your Favorite Bands And We’ll Guess Which Way You Swing

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Are there any real thing as an “gay” or “straight” band? The truth is that music is nothing more than music. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay to love listening to Cher or Metallica, and you may be gay and listen to Metallica. However, there are a lot of patterns that seem to be true for people with different sexual identities and we can’t ignore it. A lot of artists are open about their sexuality and the public tends to show support for those they identify with. Artists such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have released songs that speak to non-binary sexuality, and receive a lot of love because of it. But in the end everybody is looking for good music regardless of sexuality.

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This test will ask you to rate different groups. You should only say that you love them if you are serious about it. However do not say that you dislike them unless you aren’t able to bear listening to them. This all contributes to the final result of the test and a honest answer will provide the most accurate results. Don’t be shy about admitting that you enjoy a particular band, even though you’d never admit it when you’re in the public eye… We’re all in this together… So what are you sitting to do? Do the test!