Pick Your Favorite Movies and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Actor

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The reason TV shows are popular is the familiarity. We return to these settings and characters and stories because we’re comfortable with the characters. We’re familiar with Sheldon as well as Leonard and Penny and their homes and jobs, as well as their relationships. That’s the basis of all television shows. But how do we gain this level of familiarity from a movie? Every film has a different universe, with new characters as well as new plots. It’s a risk to be in unknown waters when we watch a film What can we do to ensure we’re secure? That’s where the film stars come into. If a film features Brad Pitt, we can go to the theater and watch the film just to see Brad Pitt because we are awestruck by Brad Pitt and we know that we can count on Brad Pitt to deliver a great performance andhopefully an enjoyable film. That’s why studios try to find the most famous actors they can for their films and why you won’t see numerous unknown actors in the big films. We don’t know whether we are able to be sure of their reliability! Everybody has a favorite actor whose films they’ll be the first to watch. Who is yours? Select your most loved films and we’ll figure out which movie star you think your most favorite is!

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