Play Which Supercars Would You Rather Have!

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It is true that the “supercar” label is affixed to many different high-performance automobiles today Some trade commentators are not happy about this. Some say, for instance, they think that the Lamborghini Huracan can’t possibly be included in the supercar league because there are way too numerous “Y” forms and the engine isn’t black. Other people have similar concerns concerning Ferrari California. Ferrari California.

However, let’s face it: If you own a vehicle which can go from that it can go from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds or has the ability to reach speeds of 196mph, and comes with all the sleek and stylish features you could ever imagine, why would you not call it an hyper car. It’s because Supercars are an legend-making machine. There’s something utterly mind-blowingly gorgeous about its appearance and drives and of course the speed. Yet, at the same it’s a unique car.

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The Huracan might be a speedy and athletic looking animal, however, when compared to the Reventon it’s just an animal you might encounter in a zoo for instance, which is tamed and sad, fed bananas. The other hand the Reventon features all the hallmarks of what makes a car a super. It’s sleek and even alien in its appearance It is equipped with six41 breaking horsepower (BHP) and, while it’s top speed may be lower than that of the Huracan it’s a beast that lives on the earth, it snoozes around, feeds off and hunts fresh meat.

Today, let’s consider the overall consensus on what a car is and look at the comparison. With these 25 questions, we’ll let you decide which one you’d prefer.