Play ‘Would You Rather’ And We’ll Reveal What Type Of Woman You Attract

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Everyone has their own personal preferences in regards to the women they usually prefer in their life when they’re meeting them through friends who are mutual or simply spotting someone who immediately catches their attention when they’re out and out and about. But the fact that a person is likely to be drawn towards a certain kind of woman doesn’t mean it’s the same for the kind of women they draw. Certain people might be more attracted by kind of blonde and intelligent women, yet they may be sending the wrong impressions that attract only the interesting brunettes. It’s difficult to discern the kind of impressions we give out, but it’s fascinating how much of it is connected to our choices in our daily lives.

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From the shows on television that we like to the kinds of food we love for eating. It’s fascinating how our lifestyle choices influence different aspects of our daily lives. The women we consider to be the to be the most appealing Hollywood and the women from our everyday lives who consider us attractive could lead to some fascinating results. Let’s take the “Would you rather” quiz to find out what kind of women we’re likely to attract.