This 30 Second Quiz Will Reveal If You’re Good Enough For Heaven

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What is it that it means to be a decent person? Does this mean that your motives are pure and pure? Do you need to go beyond the thought process and intention and be able to do good in the world by your actions? Who determines what is right and what is not? Does what is good to me what is beneficial to you? These questions of morality and philosophy create walls around the topic of the good, and leave us in a maze in determining the goodness of an individual. There is one standard definition of what qualifies someone as being good. One quality that is recognized as good across all religions and cultures Do not be a bigot.

It’s more straightforward to classify someone as bad. They’re the idiots. They are the people who can make your day worse because they have had a conversation with them. No matter which city, state, nation or the culture you’re from, if you are able to stay away from being a jerk, you’re well on your path to becoming a better person. It’s possible that the jerks aren’t aware that they’re people who are jerks. Do they enjoy having a bad attitude? Are they doing something they believe is cool, but it happens to be bad. Let’s find out. Take this test and find out whether, once and for all, you’re a nice person, or if you have been a jerk but didn’t know that. Bad news: jerks go to hell. Sorry.

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