Remember Desperate Housewives? Can You Score Over 80% On This Quiz?

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In the month of October the year 2004, more than 21 million viewers watched the premiere season on Desperate Housewives. The show was only the second primetime program of its kind (an hour-long soap-opera like show, not unlike the typical sitcoms) and was the first show to be aired on ABC. It pulled ABC out of its primetime slump and also helped us understand the meaning of a dramatic drama. It also opened the door for shows such as Weeds and Shameless in that it offered an alternative vision of what is possible when you take shockingly real and dark family stories but overdramatize them until the point of absurdity. Many networks didn’t believe that was possible, even Showtime the network that provided many of the more thrilling possible future episodes. You’ll be surprised by the results. Showtime, HBO, NBC, FOX, and even Lifetime have all turned Marc Cherry and his pilot for Desperate Housewives.

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Two executives from ABC were involved in the pilot and were dismissed before the network could realize its popularity. The show the show Desperate Housewivesdid all this and more, and was done with just four housewives that were on the most intriguing and dangerous avenue on the planet. The housewives were hot elegant, stylish and also a little crazy. I’d love to share more about the women but I’m not willing to reveal anything. The Desperate Housewives may be off air for more than 5 years however the drama, mystery and stress of housewives remains in the minds of real fans. Are you youone of them ? Do you recall which housewife kept the dark secrets of her family and committed this shady deed or told a lie or covered up the most heinous crimes? Let’s find out!