Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You If You’ll Meet God Or Satan

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The spread of religion has been ablaze all over the world throughout time and man has sought refuge by believing that humans were made by a god with a bigger reason; that we’re not just a randomly evolved form that was created out of galactic goop.

Another feature of all religions that makes them distinct and vital, and that’s the promise of the afterlife. There’s no other reason than religious belief to believe there’s no other way to eternal return to nothingness upon death, yet religion offers the assurance that there’s something greater. In reality, we are told that our time here on earth is just an act of warm-up for the grand stage that is in the sky.

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Sounds wonderful right? But, there’s a tiniest niggle in that you need to be able to earn your place in heaven through your earthly good actions. What else is there? The prospect of enduring torture and punishment in the depths of hell.

In this test we’ll test your actions and deeds on the line to discover which of two realms you’re likely to end up in by analyzing a number of questions with religious significance (and others which aren’t). Are you going to be destined for waterfalls and clouds, or Brimstone and fire? Find out by taking the quiz. out!