Take This Quiz To Find Out Your WWE Finishing Move

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The way that wrestlers finish their matches is their trademark. It’s a method for the wrestler to put their stamp on the event and to bring a glimmer of excitement to the end. Certain of these moves need to be planned and practiced towards. Bret “Hitman” Hart was famous for focusing on his opponents’ legs and lowering them back during the entire match in order to create his sharpshooter strike to cause the most amount of suffering. Other moves that end matches are similar to a pistol which can be pulled in a flash and knock down an opponent from in a flash of. Randy Orton’s RKO and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stunner could be the end of a game at any moment.

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The WWE will say that telling stories is the thing they do. This may be true but at the end of the day, people come in the arenas to take in the action. The smacking and catchy phrases on the microphone are fantastic but they’re not the primary reason to go to the arena. They build anticipation for that final catharsis that the audience feels when their hero performs the wall and triumphs over the villain they hate. Everybody has a favourite move. Find out the answers to the following WWE questions and we’ll be able to accurately guess what yours is.