Take This Test And We’ll Reveal Which Avatar You Are

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Being the Avatar is a tremendous honor and responsibility. The spirit of balance is a group of people who have been chosen to protect the world and maintain peace. They are the only ones capable of mastering all four elements and bending art. They bridge the Spirit World and the real world. The list goes on.

This idea was introduced by Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. We are now introduced to Avatar Aang, the story of Avatar Aang, who remained frozen in slumber for 100 year. We discovered that Aang was not the first Avatar. He was a reincarnation from hundreds of previous lives.

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We learned more about Avatars and how they handle their responsibilities. The show ended with The Legend of Korra. There are many Avatars and each person will relate to one.

It is one thing to know which series character you would be or which country you would belong to. But be ready to discover which legendary Avatar you would be. Be ready to embrace your spiritual side.