Test Your Cartoon Knowledge By Naming These 25 Shows From The 00’s

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Cartoons have always been a major issue. People grew up with their shows, and gain much about their personal lives through watching them. The 2000s were an extremely crucial period for cartoons. The industry saw a huge growth in networks such as Nickelodeon as well as Cartoon Network, and the shows that were provided by these networks ranged greatly in terms of quality and range. The top shows from these networks have long-lasting legacy and are loved by those that watched the shows as kids. There are a lot of fantastic TV shows that are animated. And certain of these shows were also loved by children.

The shows mentioned above are most prominent in this quiz. They’re shows that made an impact in their first runand haven’t changed over the years. Many of them are showing new episodes. The stories are about an aspiring young person with a mysterious identity, or the group of superheroes who are trying in order to stop the evil of this world every story impressed viewers in the 2000s and showed that cartoons can influence minds of all different ages. This quiz is designed for people who were influenced from these cartoons. It’s for people who can remember every single show that they loved as kids and are able to name the shows they’ve seen today.

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Note: This show could have been broadcasting prior to year 2000, however for this test, we’re counting the things that were most popular during the 2000s.