The 30-Second Quiz That’ll Tell You Which 90s Cartoon Character You Are!

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The 90s were a period of great nostalgia for many of us. Do you remember getting up on Saturdays, and endlessly watching the best of cartoons upon cartoons? In the 90s things were more simple and people cherished simple. The popular shows of the time were Doug, Animaniacs, Dexter’s Laboratory and Talespin. There are some classics that continue to be broadcast to the present day. Powerpuff girls, for instance.

There was also a variety of shows that broke from the mold and were better suited to adults such as Family Guy for instance and South Park. These shows are shown to this day and with new episodes also. They are enjoyed and watched by millions of loyal viewers.

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Have you ever thought about which 90s cartoon character you’d be? You know, come on you’ve likely been a bit familiar with cartoon characters throughout the years of watching cartoons as young. Do you have a flair for drama as Helga Pataki? Or a sweet adorable and adorable item like Bubbles?

So, here’s a great test to determine the 90s cartoon character you’re.