The Gilmore Girls Quiz That Only A Stars Hollow Resident Could Pass

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If you’re in the cold, alone and frigid, the only thing you need to do is sit and watch the most cozy show on television: Gilmore Girls. The show is warm, funny, sometimes incredibly real, and at other times far from being realistic, Gilmore Girls, and its famous location in Stars Hollow, have gained an enthralling fan base.

The recent revival of the show means that fans who have been watching the show for years now have been able to get the Stars Hollow gang back on their radars, and new viewers are tuning throughout the country. We were able to see Sherman-Palladino’s distinctive style, and the partnership with Netflix resulted in a show that seemed more current and accessible.

However, this GG test goes deeper into the reality that was Stars Hollow pre-revival, as it was presented between 2000 and 2007. It is possible to call yourself a fanatic but have you watched the shows enough times to be able to tell if Rory’s greatest fan was Christiane Amanpour, or Hillary Clinton? Are you aware of the intriguing color of her lipstick on her spa day with Emily? Are you familiar with the entire family enough to be Emily’s maids? or Richard’s business associates? Would you be able to walk into Luke’s Diner or at one the Taylor Doose’s towns gatherings and be considered an actor who is a regular? Have you studied the history of the show closely enough to find out which actor dislikes coffee?

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You may think that you are familiar with you’ve seen the Gilmore Girls, but this is the test only one Stars Hollow resident could pass.