The Hardest ‘The Office’ Quiz Ever! Can You Pass It?

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The impression left by The Office will forever be remembered as one of the top sitcoms in the television history. The story of an office for a paper company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania had no right to be entertaining. The concept sounds like the most boring idea you could ever come up with. But the talent and the writer’s talent merged to create some of the most hilarious comedy you’ll ever see. We heard deep stories such as Jim and Pam getting married after years of struggle. There were also silly issues such as Michael Scott’s style of managing that was constantly creating problems. The show was able to generate enough interest to last for an impressive nine seasons.

A lot of fans who love The Office feel they’re a diehard after watching all seasons and tracking the whole journey. But, there were plenty of moments that were aired in The Office’s nine seasons, that few can really remember every single moment. We’ll check your memory to see the extent to which you were paying attention to and what kind of impression the show made on you. This test is intended for those who are the most ardent fan of the show who want to know how they stack up against other viewers who loved it too. Take the next 25 questions to determine if you are able to pass the most difficult test on Office Office that we have yet.

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