The Ultimate 21st Century History Test

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It’s difficult to believe that it’s an entire quarter century old. For those who were born in the nineties , it’s quite a frightening idea. This isn’t since we’re living in an postmodern society filled with violent terrorist attacks and even more violent climate change and a system of government which seems to be headed to collapse due to partisanship. Yes, it’s frightening because that means we’re becoming old. The events that took place in our teens or were in college are now beginning in the dingy moments of our lives when we get settled with our families and work.

Don’t worry I’m here to bring your memories back to life and set the factual record right. There’s plenty of vital, extremely significant events that have taken place over the past 17 years. There’s also a ton incredulous, bizarre and even completely insane things that’ve happened. The 21st century might not have the luster (yet!) as the 20th centurysince there hasn’t been no World Wars, moon landings and presidential assassinations. Woodstocks but it has certainly had its own thrills.

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Let’s go through the book and see if we can identify these significant moments from our own century. Be careful, there are certainly a few surprises in there!