The Ultimate Disney Princess Quiz!

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Walt Disney Company has produced some of the most loved animated characters, stories and franchises of all times. The Disney Princess franchise is perhaps the most famous. The Disney Princesses (also known as the Princess Line) are eleven of Disney’s most prominent women from animated films. This line features characters from the Classic and Renaissance eras as well as those from the Modern Eras. The line spans the decade between the 1930s and the 2010s.

The majority of characters are royalty by birth or marriage. However, this is not a requirement so long as the character fits Disney’s “princess mythology.” Many of the stories they tell are inspired by fairy tales and legends. There’s always an evil to be overcome. Many of them are very friendly with animals. They are more likely to find their true love, and they live happily ever after.

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The Disney Princesses are not only a movie star, but also appear in toys and dolls as well as books and Disney World characters. Many little girls look up to them as role models.

As a child, you watched the films over and over. Let’s now see how many times you can remember. Are you ready for a quiz to see how Disney-savvy you are? Take the Ultimate Disney Princess Quiz!