There’s No Way You Can Get 100% On This Billy Madison Quiz

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Billy Madisonwas a classic from the 90s that made us laugh all the way through. Who doesn’t love the funny antics from Adam Sandler along with the others in this incredible ensemble? Everybody was hilariously bizarre and we enjoyed every second of it. Who wouldn’t be awed by Miss Lippy’s bizarre dancing or the one-liners Juanita was known for? And who doesn’t remember the famous line “If you think peeing on your pants is cool, then think of me Miles Davis?” We have all seen these amazing scenes in the film since the character actors made them incredible. Billy was a star with some of the greatest moments in comedy, and this film is among the most famous films to be quotable ever.

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What would you say you are familiar with Billy Madison? Are you able to say that you’ve watched it numerous times and are able to recall all the details but have you been to it a couple of times and aren’t able to recall every little detail that transpired throughout the film? Do you recall the peculiarities of the characters, or not at all? Take the test with our test and see if it is possible to find all the details straight in the words of Billy Madison.