There’s No Way You Can Remember All These Gilmore Girls Scenes!

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Gilmore Girls is an American television show which first began airing in 2000. The show aired for seven seasons before officially end in 2007. The show was centered around the lives and relationship between a single mother known as Lorelai along with her teenage daughter Rory who reside in a town of a tiny size called Stars Hollow.

The show dealt with topics that included love and social class, as well as ambition as well as family and education. although it didn’t receive huge ratings, the show has since then, become famous. In fact, it’s widely regarded as a cult favorite and it’s not a surprise that in 2016 Netflix launched the first Gilmore Girls mini series titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The mini series was comprised of four episodes each one following the characters of the show through every season.

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Both television (The Book) Two experts choose the best American Television Shows Of All Time and Time magazine have chosen Gilmore Girls as one of the most memorable TV shows of all time.

Are you a Gilmore Girls fans? It’s likely that you are aware of it all the time. But how do you actually be aware of it? Can you recall every one of the scenes in this show? Try this test to determine!