There’s No Way You Remember Big Daddy Enough To Get 80% On This Quiz!

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Before he made it to the rise in the role of Jughead Jones on the CW’s cult television program Riverdale and before in the seas or threatening the owner of a hotel, Cole Sprouse split a role with his twinbrother, Dylan in Big Daddy. Adam Sandler played the star role , and was backed by an ensemble of comedy stars that included the former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, Knocked Up’s Leslie Mann, Saturday Night Live’s Rob Schneider, and.. Well, everything’s Steve Buscemi, to mention just a few.

Although it was released in 1999, the film has lasted remarkably well. More than a decade after it’s release and there are still young people who go around the clock to see it on a daily basis and all ages who can to quote the film from memory!

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How come it’s so well-known? I’m not certain, but I do recall seeing it on television often when I was in bed after school, at 12 at noon on a Wednesday afternoon which could be something to have something to do with it. If you’ve learned the song by heart due to it was all you could find or you decided to sit down and watch it long enough to remember it isn’t important however, the only thing that is going to need to be considered is the fact that you don’t have enough knowledge to pass this exam!