There’s No Way You’ll Get Over 80% On This Sons Of Anarchy Quiz

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From 2008 to 2014 Kurt Sutter’s riveting criminal drama Sons Of Anarchy ran through the FX Network and garnered an enormously loyal fan base. Although it wasn’t an awards-worthy show (the show was never nominated for one single Emmy award during its seven-season run) It was incredibly well-loved and ultimately became the most watched program on FX. It became a star for Charlie Hunnam, who went to reprise the role of the lead in Hollywood blockbusters such as Pacific Rim and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, and was an immensely rich world of fiction that spin-off prequel comics and novels have been published and there is the possibility of a spin-off TV series.

The show is known for its action-packed kicks and brutal violence however, it is also remembered for its complex and nuanced portrayal about the workings and complexities of the outlaw motorcycle gang with themes of family, loyalty, and redemption being the core of the show’s vision. The show was at times described as “Hamlet on Harley’s” because certain aspects resembled Shakespeare’s play in a very explicit way especially in relation to the tales about Jax, Gemma and Clay and their kingdom (the MC). Sutter has claimed the following “it’s not a version of Hamlet but it’s definitely influenced by it.”

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This test will test the most committed lover of this show. You think you know all you need to learn about SAMCRO? We’ll bet that you can’t be able to get higher than 80 percent of the time…