There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz On The First Transformers Movie, But You Can Try!

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Is it possible to believe that it’s been more than 10 years ago since the initial Transformers movie came out? It is among the most popular sci-fi films ever. Transformers was inspired by one of the Hasbro toy line with the identical name. Since the first movie has been released, there have been many sequels, five to be precise. Most recent of them “The Last Knight” released in the year 2017. A prequel or spin-off is being developed which is scheduled for release on December 21st and 22 in 2018 release. Shia LaBeouf plays the main character in the film, which was praised favorably by Empire. It was directed by Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg joined as an director in the year 2004. Michael Bay initially scoffed at the concept, saying it was an “stupid toy movie” – however, he began to develop an appreciation to the Transformers universe following a trip to Hasbro.

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It was the fifth highest-grossing production of the year, netting $709 million dollars around the world. Fans were split in their reactions to the film. radical redesigns of some of the original Autobots have left bad taste on the lips of many. However, the movie provided an understanding of the Transformers universe to a lot of people who were unaware of it, allowing the fan base to expand significantly.

If you were a lover of the original line of toys or cartoons, or love live-action films We’ll find out how many of this blockbuster packed with action you’ll be able to remember. There is no one who will be a winner in this test – if you don’t know something, this means that you have the option of going back and go through the film for the second time! This is a win-win scenario this time.