There’s No Way You’re Passing This Rocky Quiz…But You Can Try!

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In the world of movies as well as feature film, we are all want the idea of a great (or at times , a bad) film franchise. One of the most loved franchises available is the renowned Rocky franchise.

A product by Sylvester Stallone, that first Rocky film launched Stallone into the spotlight and set him on his path to becoming one the most famous name in Hollywood. After that, a number of films would follow and Sly was to be considered among the top characters in the genre of action and beyond.

As far as Rocky is in the current writing (which is November 17th, 2017) the series has had six major Rocky films, one Creed spin-off, and the Creed sequel that is currently in the process of being developed.

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Many of us say that we love the Rocky series but there’s a tiny percentage of people who actuallyknow what’s going on with the Rocky franchise. This quiz is about, because we’re here to focus on distinguishing knockout punchers from the knockout sufferers.

In front of you are 25 questions that cover the entirety of the Rocky franchise until now. Yes there are some questions about Creed too. The goal is to determine how much of an Rocky person you are.

What are you waiting for? Put on your gloves, don your most grizzly face and see if you are able to pass this challenging Rocky test!