This 60-Second Quiz Will Tell You If You’ll Ever Get Married

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Is there a wedding in your future? Are you doomed to remain a lonely old spinster for the rest of your life? That sounds better! Our quiz could help you find out what is in your future.

According to statistics, millennials are the least likely generation to marry. In fact, a study by Gallup found that in 2014, only sixteen percent of people between the ages of eighteen to twenty-nine-year-olds were married. Sixty-four per cent of this age group were single. Why? There are many reasons. The biggest problem seems to be lack of money. Millennials are drowning in student loan debt, and they’re finding it hard to find the right career and pay rate in today’s competitive job market. Are we really depressing you? You will be shocked to learn that the average wedding cost today is 269,000 nine hundred eighty-four US dollars. Yowza. What is the average salary of a bartender & yoga teacher? Lovebirds, good luck.

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Don’t worry! You don’t have to worry!