Take This Twilight Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Vampire You Are

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Alright, Twihards, semi-fans, and kinda-sorta fans! You’ve probably spent the past decade wondering what the Twilight vampire you’d have been. Also, you might be wondering if the younger self was wise in deciding to join the team of Jacob rather than Team Edward or vice versa Of course. Whatever the case the five years of ownership by The Twilight Sagawas a movie franchise that, for the first time, was not run by comics action, total sci-fi or even horror. Twilight Saga Twilight Saga is the ideal mix of humans romantic relationships, vampires, and humans with enough action to prevent the friends to The Twilight-obsessed women from ranting about the movie they chose for their date night.

The box office was earning millions of dollars just for midnight release. When Twilight’s sequel New Moon came out, there were an overwhelming number of moviegoers, that some theaters had to double-shows due to numerous tickets that were sold in advance. The lines swarmed around theaters at ticket booths to watch midnight shows, but they weren’t filled with Trekkies eager to watch Star Wars. Instead, they were crowded with Twihards who were laughing young ladies, girls and ladies dragging their partners to the theater to enjoy the ride. The last movie was released in 2012 leaving Twihards with no new things to anticipate in the movie world. However, you’re now given the chance to learn the you are the vampire you’ve been supposed to become. You can take your Twilightquiz for us to reveal the type of vampire you’re! Are you prepared? Let’s go!

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