Take The Vampire Diaries Quiz To Find Your Doppelganger

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Although The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017 after eight seasons, we completely aren’t over the show. There are plenty of other amazing shows currently on air however it doesn’t mean that we won’t go on Netflix to catch the action from Mystic Falls and witness Damon Salvatore’s beautiful blue eyes impress all the people of the city for the nearly 200 years in which he’s resided there for. We can’t blame anyone who loves Damon Salvatore. It’s impossible not to watch this show. However, we are able to watch older episodes and revisit all of our favorite characters and couples again as if the show has never stopped.

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Do you love Mystic Falls the same way we do? Do you wish you had a doppelganger just like the ones from The Vampire Diaries? Perhaps it’s not exactly like them, as these doppelgangers typically appeared to create a mess however, it was entertaining television! Whatever the troubles our favourite characters were in, we were unable to turn our eyes away.

If you’re one of those who misses The Vampire Diaries as much as we do, then take this test for 60 seconds to discover which character is your television twin. Do you prefer an Katherine or an Bonnie? Let us know!