We Bet Even Hardcore Pokemon Fans Can’t Get 100% On This Quiz!

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Tired trainers wake up to find that this Pokemon test requires all our attention even if for just an hour or so. The questions cover various fields within the Pokemon world, from the basics of typing, moves mythology, characters, and much more. Savvy Pokemaniacs can navigate their way through this with ease while amateurs, on the other hand will likely need to ask prayers to Arceus to get through.

Take note of this warning: this is meant to be a casual and secure Pokemon trivia test, but even we can’t promise that we’ll avoid encounters with wild creatures here. We’re sure that there’s a dangerous creature waiting in the tall grass that is this game, waiting to get a chance to pop up and lead us down. We should have our most powerful Pokemon prepared to be ready in the event that we fail to complete this test with a score of 100 percent.

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After that disclaimer is removed Let’s get started! It’s time to put our caps securely and ensure that Psyduck doesn’t send it to the side of its Pokeball without warning. Anyone who passes this test could be considered to be a Pokemon master. Those who fails might require an additional course with the instructor.