We Bet Nobody Can Get 100% On This Common Sense Quiz Without Using Google

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Every person is born with various levels of common sense. This can cause problems for us. As a majority of us depend on our senses to make decisions every day It’s no wonder that everything is done right nowadays. There’s always a voice inside our heads which tells us if we’re in the right or incorrect manner. But the common sense and our consciousness do not always meet eye to eye, which makes decision-making one of the most challenging jobs that humanity has ever had to tackle. ( If we were able to think and react without letting our ego and conscience get in the way, every decision we make would benefit our beings in the long run. Humans are emotional creatures which make it difficult to be able to think straight when endorphins and hormones are in a high state.

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In a perfect world logic would be all we have to argue with. But, our brains don’t have the right programming to choose the most rational approach when other elements take place. This quiz is packed with scenarios, questions and riddles to assist in exercising your common sense. So, don’t be quick or the questions could be a lot tougher than they actually are!