What Kind Of Vampire Are You?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of vampire you could be?

There are many different types of vampires. Not all vampires are exactly the same. Similar to human beings, there exist various kinds of vampires. Similar to how humans are compassionate as well as evil vampires, and all sorts of variations Vampires too come with a range of. Films, books and television shows have shown all kinds of vampires. We’ve seen brutal (but elegant) predators such as those featured from Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned, bloodsuckers who fight hard in Underworld and a myriad of different versions of the vampire classic Dracula. We’ve seen gorgeous dovey vampires as well as hardcore vampires, sexy vampires hybrid vampires, shapeshifting vampires and magic vampires, as well as friendly vampires, and we’ve enjoyed them all.

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Today’s topic is what kind of vampire you’d like to be? Do you think of yourself as traditional vampire, predator or a loner at the highest of the chain? Are you a classic old-fashioned vampire who is enthralled by gothic styles and pale skin? Perhaps you consider yourself to be an ethereal trapped between the enchanting world of vampires as well as the vibrant human race?

If you’re unsure of where you’d fit Don’t fret! All you have complete is to respond to these questions, and we’ll determine exactly which kind or type of vampire you’re!