What Kind Of Witch Are You? Take The Quiz!

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Through the ages We’ve always been fascinated by witches. They are frequently featured in fairy stories, but have also been seen in real life. Numerous women were burned to death for witchcraft-related crimes but the majority were innocent. Famous witches from Salem have been real historic figures who have created a variety of fiction. Some of our most famous witches have been featured in films and TV shows. These are the witches that we are familiar with and are fond of, and have had a profound influence on our childhoods as well as our lives.

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Have you ever considered what witch youwould be if magic were real? Which witch of yours most embodies the best aspects of yourpersonality? It’s a hard one to answer. While we may believe that our most beloved character typifies us the best, this may not be the case. Sometime, the people we have most with aren’t the ones we would. Only one method to determine who you are by taking this easy and enjoyable personality test. Are you interested in giving this test a go? What is the time to wait?