Which Arrowverse Character Are You?

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Following the initial small project dubbed Arrow and the following Arrowverse has emerged with a number of brand new shows on TV to get our teeth into, as well as giving us a new version of DC Comics lore.

Slowly but slowly the CW has built its own continuity that is based on the characters and stories of these shows, and is now bringing notable characters like Superman and Flash and has also incorporated big and well-known storylines. But, since this series are adaptations that are based on the original stories and through, they must alter many of the original material to accommodate the medium they’re employing.

One of the biggest changes is how they portray their characters. The way a character acts in the comic may not always be appropriate when creating their own narrative for a TV audience. This is evident in the way they modified Green Arrow, Kid Flash along with White Canary. We’re not saying that these were positive or negative changes but they were necessary changes.

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While these shows are continuing in their own directions and have gained fans, a lot of them have come up and joined the shows. It’s not clear if it’s because they enjoy the story or connect with the characters is yet to be determined however, we’re here to find out what you can do to be part of those who are CW superheroes.

Are you ready to slip on your super-hero tights? Which Arrowverse character do you identify with?