Which Bridesmaid Are You?

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The time has come to six since Lillian first announced to Annie the news that she’d been engaged and things began to break down… But Bridesmaids is a film that’s stood over time. It’s not only about friendships being tested during the lead-up to the big white wedding but. It’s about competition between female pals, as Annie confronts the seemingly flawless Helen she is the kind of woman who would make any friend feel uncomfortable, but not just one with a failed venture in her past and a bleak path ahead. This hilarious comedy tells about Annie’s quest to find her self-confidence at a point when everything seems to be going wrong and discovering that she’s contributing to the issues within her own life.

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It also features a diverse set of women that aren’t only hot-mess Annie and gorgeous Helen. There’s Megan her brash and sexy cousin of the groomsman, Rita and her gorgeous older cousin who’s somewhat cynical due to many years of motherhood and marriage and sweet Becca her friend at work who’s adorable and jolly to be believed! Which one do you most like?