If You Think You Could Be The Batman, Take The Quiz

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Batman is among the most loved superheroes around the globe. Since 1966, there’s been 10 films that have Batman as the main protagonist as well as films produced by such diverse filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, Chris McKay, and Zack Snyder. In addition, Batman has also appeared in numerous television shows, and made guest appearances in various other films as well as been the protagonist of an action-packed video game and, of course, was the author of his own comic book in continuous production from the 1940s. The year 2017 is coming to an end The Dark Knight will make the next move in his film career when he will join his fellow superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman as part members of the Justice League, the film that will conclude the DCEU’s tale to date.

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Within the myriad of Batman films, quite a number of actors have donned the cape and the cowl and have had their own distinct approach to the character. Certain Batmen have been honorable heroes and others were close to psychopaths. Each Batman is a unique character, even though it’s based on the same mould is a distinct person completely.

Which film-based Batman do you most closely resemble? Let’s take a look at your character as we go through some fun questions, then make a decision, which Dark Knight Are You?