Which Female Superhero Would You End Up With?

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It seems that it’s impossible to move without being able to see a comic book movie that is headed towards the big screen or the latest superhero movie that is making its way to the smaller screen. It’s true We’re caught on the edge of the massive superhero boom boom which isn’t expected to come to an end anytime in the near future.

It could be in movie or TV format or even the fantastic format of comics books there’s been an abundance of women whom many only dream of having a romantic date with. It’s because they’re mostly fictional characters. But we digress…

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What we’re planning to do here – as gentle souls at we’ll ask you a couple of specific questions to figure out, with an exact mathematical formula that is, of course, what famous female superhero is the perfect match for you! By “a couple of select queries”, we mean 25.

That’s it you, loyal reader. All you need to do is go through the 25 questions that are easy to answer and you’ll know the answer to the question that you’ve been pondering for years: “Just which superhero would be my perfect bedmate? “