Which Guy From Gossip Girl Is Your Soulmate?

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The television show known as “Gossip Girl” may be ended, but we’ll continue to fantasize and drool over the gorgeous actors and actresses? It’s possible to imagine ourselves as beautiful and popular as Serena van den Woodsen looking at new films and relaxing in coffee shops with the gentle and thoughtful Dan Humphrey. It’s possible to imagine that we’re just as shrewd and ruthless like Blair Waldorf, which means we’d get the similarly strong and driven Chuck Bass. You can also look at photos of the all-American, athletic Nate Archibald, the waffle-making Rufus Humphrey, the young but intelligent Eric van der Woodsen or any of the less well-known but adorable characters such as Carter Bazen, Steven Spence and Damien Dalgaard.

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Which male in “Gossip Girl” is perfect for us? What guy will we be paired with in this fictional world according to our interests as well as goals, interests and styles? Whom can we begin creating a beautiful and perfect wedding?

Answer these questions, gaze at these pictures of the male characters from the show (an additional benefit to this quiz – we’re glad to have you! ) Find out which one best suits you!