Which One Of The The Goldbergs Are You?

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Pick any day taking place between 1980 and the present and you’ll find Adam F. Goldberg has an amazing story to describe what his family and he were doing back then. Since 2013 the actor has been sharing everything he knows about it through the ABC show The Goldbergs which is one of the top sitcoms currently on television. Naturally, the show’s titular Goldbergs aren’t your typical family of the traditional TV family, which is one of the main reasons for their appeal. While they’re all in love deeply They can’t resist the urge to shout at each other over every single thing and the fans of the show would not want had it any other way.

It’s not just the rage of family dysfunction that creates the Goldbergs the most popular show but. In addition, the real Adam F. Goldberg and the main character that is based off of the character have an amazing amount of knowledge on pop culture, and specifically, the ones that gained acclaim during the time period of the show. Even if you’re not able to relate with the character, any person with a little nostalgia for the ’80s will be awed by the references and hints to their preferred decade that pop up in throughout each episode.

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In addition, the majority of viewers will be able to relate to the characters because they’re among the most real and human people who are on television nowadays. To get a better understanding of what we mean go back to the 1980s by taking our online quiz to discover what character in the show The Goldbergs is most like you.