Which Super Villain Are You?

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Being a hero is commonplace nowadays. The ones that people return to watch are the villains. Batman would not be as well-known in the absence of the Joker. Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have been as popular with out Darth Vader. Shows based on animation like Death Notewouldn’t have gained so much popularity were it not for the villains.

The real world, although we’re not able to commit crimes or bring the world to an end, we all have the element of villainy in of their character. In addition, the majority of villains aren’t necessarily bad, and have characteristics that allow them to be acceptable to the point that it is possible to get their point of view.

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No matter where you stand on this issue it is possible that you will be more of a criminal than you first think. However you should not be afraid to show your darker side from time period and determine how you compare to the spectrum of the villain?

Everyone is unique, however, it’s common to find yourself a little more enthralled by a certain supervillain. If you’re wondering what of these vile foes you’re a part of, go ahead and take our test. In the end, the mystery is already tugging at your to work it out. You’ve been through this which means you may like to discover the truth.

Which supervillain are you?