Which Thor: Ragnarok Character Are You?

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It’s possible to be aware that a movie known as Thor: Ragnarok was released recently and is expected to be among the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most memorable films! Who would have imagined that? The the first Thormovie is good but not memorable, while Thor: The Dark World is generally considered to be dull and at the bottom of the scale of quality. The popularity of Thor continues due to both Avengers films; Marvel chose to take risk with the third installment in his trilogy by hiring director who is who is known for his vivid colour schemes, humorous characters, and his unique style of humor. It appears like this gamble has resulted in a plethora of positive results!

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The reason why Ragnarokso amazing is its vibrant group of characters and the almost electric bond they share with one another. Who would have believed that Valkyrie was one of the most memorable characters in Marvel and that Thor/Hulk’s romance completely surpasses the one between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner? Even minor characters such as Heimdall, Skurge, and Korg make an indelible impression on viewers who see the film!

A diverse, large cast also implies that there’s a vast variety of characters to be seen during the 3rd Thor film and that who every member of the audience can identify with. Which character are you? Find out. which Thor: Ragnarok Character are you?