Who Can Pass This High School Spelling Test?

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Who will ever forget the horrible exams for spelling in high school we were required to take every day at high school (and many of us might still be taking these tests)? We all dreaded them and thought they were pointless. The words we were required to spell were often absurdly difficult and the majority of us thought that we’d never need these words again, at a minimum not in our daily lives.

As a matter of fact, when we look back at these tests, we can recognize their worth They helped us improve our vocabulary significantly and taught us to spell some very crucial words. In the end, who would want to be blamed for being a bad spelling test? None! It’s humiliating to learn that a single word we typed using one of our popular social media sites isn’t correct and worse to walk around uttering a word (that we believe is more sophisticated than we actually are) completely incorrectly.

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Knowing how the correct spelling of words could actually aid us in pronunciation as well. Nowadays, auto-correct almost always keeps us from embarrassing mistakes , but we should not depend on technology to make sure we are spelling correctly constantly.