Who Sang It First? Do You Know Who Sang The Original?

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It’s true that just because the writer wrote an original song doesn’t necessarily mean they’re aware of how the song is meant to be. It’s great to write some touching lyrics and set a good beat to it however, sometimes the most emotionally charged songs are to intense for the individual who wrote them for the songs to take over in a genuine way. In some cases the song’s real potential isn’t revealed until another party is involved and comes up with an original cover that reveals the potential of the original. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some classics that are quite great, however and give music fans plenty to be happy about when it’s all said and completed.

In spite of all the good things there is a small issue that does occur when it comes to being able to remember where the story began and who you should be able to give credit after a song has become successful. Do the person who created it deserve praise, or should the person who made the song in the first place? In reality, the answer lies somewhere in between however it is still helpful to determine who sang the song first. In the end, chart-topping figures aren’t always the most impressive around, and the originals may be more impressive than people might think. However, you can test your knowledge about music culture by taking our quiz and determining the question if you know who recorded these songs.

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