You’d Have To Be A True Shameless Fan To Ace This Quiz On The First Season

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If you’re truly a Shameless fan and you’re a true Shameless fan, then you’ve likely justwrapped up the series eighth season! The most dedicated fans might have considered watching the entire series again. It’s not difficult to be nostalgic after watching exactly the same cast for seven years. Particularly with an extended family like the Gallagher’s you’ve seen literally grow through the show. You’ve watched Fiona change from being a hot young girl trying to take care of her kids, to an adult, trying hard to get better at what she does. And then there’s Lip who attended college, made a mess of things and is now heading to a completely different direction. This is the same to Ian, Debs, Carl and Liam.

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For the true and devoted Shameless enthusiasts, looking over the entire series now will make you want to go back and refresh your memory of the story that began it all. You’ve likely watched the entire series each year as the new season premieres. It’s likely that you’re familiar with Shameless’first season. It’s time to prove what you know about the first season’s beginning. In reality, you’d need to be a shamelessfan to be able to pass this test about the first season. and test it!