You’d Have To Be An 80s Baby To Recognize These Disney Movie Characters

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If you were born into the 1980s, then you were a part of an era of Disney that will never be replicated. From 1989 to 1995, it appeared that every animated film produced by Disney was a instant hit. The first one was The Little Mermaidin 1989. It was a story of one mermaid princess, whose sole desire was to become a human and get married to the prince. In the year 1991, Disney made Beauty and the Beast. The story follows a typical town girl wants more from her life. Meanwhile, the prince was protected to escape the fate of an Enchantress. In 1992, we saw Aladdin‘s story of the story of an Arabic orphan who wants to get married to a princess. in 1994 came the story of The Lion King, which was about a cub prince, whose uncle wants the throne of his dad. The stories were all enchanting that were based on real-life characters.

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They were films that have been cherished by youngsters from that time until they reached their 30’s, and are likely to continue over generations to be. Particularly, since so many of these films are being brought back into life as live-action movies today. Anyone can recognize these iconic Disney films but you’ll have to be a child of the 80s to recognize the Disney film characters in the films. Do you know?